Talks & Seminars







We are an education-focused estate planning company because educated clients are happy clients. We want you to understand your options to make informed decisions.

We offer many educational opportunities at public locations. Contact us if you would like us to speak at your event or company. Our talks can usually be customized for our audience and their particular duration.

Leaving with a Peace of Mind: An Introduction to Wills & Trusts

This is our flagship program. We hold free 60-minute talks on Wills & Trusts a few times a month.


Three Financial Lessons Every Kid (& Parent) Must Learn

Whether your child is in pre-school or junior college, this workshop can help boost their aspirtions for a successful financial future. We can customise the workshop’s duration to your needs from a bite-size 30 minutes to full-day workshops.

The contents can also be customised for your audience, such as:

  • For childcare centres, attended by teachers and parents.
  • For the public, attended by parents and their children together.
  • For primary and secondary schools as part of their school-based education programs.

The workshop is based on the best-selling book Bringing Up Money Smart Kids written by one of our Legasy Planners and co-authored with entrepreneur and educator Adam Khoo.



Don’t Give Away Your Company For Free

If you own a private business, you wouldn’t want to give away your shares for free, would you?

Yet many business owners do exactly that when they suddenly leave the business due to death, incapacity or other reasons.

We co-host these workshops with experienced accountants where you will learn about:

  • How to effect an orderly and affordable transfer of your shares to other shareholders.
  • Drawing up a Buy-Sell Shareholders’ Agreement.
  • Using a Trust to coordinate the transferring of insurance proceeds.
  • Valuing the company.



Lunch & Learn Talks

We regularly give free Lunch & Learn talks at companies. To enhance learning, attendees are encouraged to ask questions ahead of the talk itself. These are some of our most popular topics:

  1. Leaving with a Peace of Mind – An Introduction to Wills
  2. You Don’t Need to be Rich to Have a Trust
  3. Losing Your Mental Capacity is No Joke
  4. How to Retire Early and Happy
  5. How to Never Have to Worry about Medical Bills Again


Become an Estate Planner – Wills & Trust Training

Learn how to pass your assets to your loved ones exactly as you want – with the fewest possible hassles, fights and delays. By using both a Will & a Trust, we have a powerful way to transfer Wealth & Values to our families and future generations.

This course is right for you if:

  • You have clients who need Estate Planning;
  • You want to learn Estate Planning for your own family needs;
  • You appreciate simple and proven Estate Planning tools; and
  • You want a choice of Will Writers, Trust Companies and Law Firms to work with.

Note: You should have some basic estate planning knowledge in order to benefit most from the training.

These audiences have benefited from our training:

  • Family members who want to do their own Estate Planning.
  • Financial advisers whose clients need Wills & Trusts for their overall financial planning.
  • Accountants whose clients need Wills & Trusts for family and business succession.
  • Law firms whose staff and partners need Wills & Trusts themselves for their family legacy plans.