About Us

About Us

Legasy Planners was established in 2016 to arm financial consultants, bankers and other financial services intermediaries with estate planning and wealth management knowledge and skills so that they can help their clients create meaningful legacies for their families and businesses.

We work with practitioners in various areas of estate planning to provide content that is relevant to the needs of financial consultants and their clients and authoritative in depth and accuracy.

Legasy Planners creates original content that has been distilled and simplified from decades of experience in the industry. Its trainers have written best-selling books in estate planning, wealth management, family law and financial literacy that have been translated to over six languages, and sold throughout the world.

Our Mission And Vision

We aim to be the leading estate planning and wealth management training company in Singapore and the region in the area of Modern Estate Planning (MEP). Through MEP, we envision a future where every family has a proper estate plan that is adequately funded, is continually updated and considers the most critical documents in any estate plan^.

Additionally, MEP considers the unique circumstances of our modern times where people live longer, are well travelled, are wealthier, own foreign properties, and experience more incidences of divorce and mental incapacity, have started a business and embrace charitable giving.

^LP’s latest book called Planning Your Will, Trust, LPA & More published by Marshall Cavendish in September 2020 illustrates our vision.

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