Modern Estate Planning - Module 3 (MEP3)

Modern Estate Planning – Module 3 (MEP3)


This course provides financial planners with an intermediate understanding of the estate planning needs of the modern individual who today is wealthier and lives longer than ever before, well-travelled and likely to own his own business at some point in time.

The focus of this module is on three common family situations that financial planners will encounter in their work.

The first situation is planning for persons with special needs (PSN). We look at what special needs means and how we have to be sensitive to the words we use to describe PSNs. We explore the financial & trust planning for PSNs, and how insurance can give PSNs a secure financial future and caretakers a peace of mind.

The second situation is on divorce and how a couple can obtain a divorce by various means. And when divorce happens, how assets can be protected especially for the vulnerable spouse and the children of the marriage. As divorce rates increase by the year, financial planners will face many clients in a divorce situation or who are concerned about the possible divorce of their children.

Finally, we look at planning for Muslims whose inheritance system is quite different from that of non-Muslims in Singapore. The estate of a Muslim is broken into reserved and free portions where the reserved portion is quite strictly enforced. We look at how Muslims can plan their estates in a way that may be more equitable for certain family members.

Attendees will gain practical knowledge from actual case studies to guide their clients in their estate planning as well as enhancing their core financial planning practice. The trainers are not only accomplished estate planning practitioners in the legal, financial and trust industries but are excellent at simplifying and communicating technical content.


Course Objectives and Outcomes

  1. To understand how we can plan for persons with special needs.
  2. To learn about divorce and how assets can be protected.
  3. To examine the intricacies of planning for Muslims and the various strategies that can be used specifically for Muslims.

Contents Outline:

  1. Part 1 – Planning for Persons with Special Needs
    1. What Special Needs Means
    2. Financial & Trust Planning for PSNs
    3. Case studies
    4. Help for Muslims
  2. Part 2 – Marriage, Divorce & Asset Protection
    1. Stages of Divorce
    2. Ancillary Matters – financial & children matters
    3. Asset Protection through Living Trusts
  3. Part 3 – Planning for Muslims
    1. About Muslims in Singapore
    2. Muslim Inheritance Law
    3. Some Gifting Options