Practical Trust Planning - Module 1 (PTP1)

Practical Trust Planning – Module 1 (PTP1)


This course provides financial planners with a foundational understanding of Trust planning needs for families.

In this foundations course, we learn that most families in Singapore need a Trust and not just a Will. The Will Trust is the most basic type of Trust that is suitable for many families even if they are not wealthy.

The Insurance Trust is useful for HNW, SME owners and foreigners who are keen to have a standalone plan for very specific purposes. Also discussed is the Standby Living Trust which allows for an individual to develop a comprehensive, flexible and confidential plan for his family.

We introduce a fact-finding process along with a script to show financial planners how they can have a conversation with their clients.

Attendees will gain practical knowledge from actual case studies to guide their clients in their Trust planning as well as enhancing their core financial planning practice. The trainers are not only accomplished estate planning practitioners in the legal, financial and trust industries but are excellent at simplifying and communicating technical content.


Course Objectives and Outcomes

  1. To understand the Trust planning needs of families
  2. To grasp the fundamentals of some of the most commonly used Trust structures – Will Trusts, Insurance Trusts and Standby Living Trusts
  3. To be able to use a fact find process and script to meet the Trust planning needs of clients


Contents Outline:

  1. Introduction
    1. What is Modern Estate Planning?
  2. What is a Trust?
    1. How Trusts come about
  3. Will Trusts (or Testamentary Trusts)
    1. A basic Will Trust
    2. Financial Planning & Will Trusts
    3. Typical setup and ongoing fees
  4. Living Trust Basics
    1. Key features
  5. Insurance Trusts
  6. Standby Living Trusts
  7. Special Needs Trusts
  8. Other Uses of Living Trusts